Paint Protection Film - PPF

PPF - (Paint Protection Film)

Coming April 2018

If you want the best protection currently available for your vehicle, then PPF is the most comprehensive protection form of protection you can apply to your vehicle to protect it from stone chips, small scratches, chemical stains and environmental contamination.

PPF, sometimes referred to as Clear Bra because of it’s transparent appearance,is a thermoplastic, polyurethane film that gives a glossy appearance when applied. We use pre-cut patterns for each area/panel which hugely reduces the need to use a knife near the paint work for trimming excess film.

PPF also has a self healing property when exposed to heat, even sunlight, which re-levels the surface and removes light scratching and swirling. This combined with the fantastic durability PPF offers, over 5+ years manufacture warranty, means that areas that have PPF applied, and the [paintwork underneath,  will remain looking fantastic for years to come.

PPF can be applied to as little or as much of the car as you like. From high impact areas such as the front of car to side sills and boot ledges.

It is advisable to have one of our correction packages performed prior to application to insure as good a finish to the paintwork as possible.