Lexus IS220

This Lexus IS220 came in to us looking dull and in need of our expert touch. Like a lot of Asian cars, the paintwork is of the softer type which means it’s far more susceptible to inflictions, which can give a faded, dull appearance. This Obsidian black Lexus underwent our Minor Multi Stage Correction. Check out our photo showing a side by side comparison of the paint before and after
The car was then given a coating of Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light ceramic protective coating to give up to 5 years protection. This will give excellent scratch and chemical resistance (will actually be harder than the factory paint on the car) leaving it far more protected than before. The hydrophobic properties of the coating will leave the car far easier to maintain and the glossy appearance of the coating will ensure the car looks great for a long time to come. All in all, I think it’s safe to say we knocked years of this cars looks, making it shine and look sharp again.