Skoda Octavia VRS

This Octavia VRS was in for our Minor Multi-Stage Correction and Ceramic Protective Coating package. It belongs to a returning customer. They were so impressed with similar treatments on their other car, that they wanted this car to look just as well. A few compounding stages resulted in a very high level of defect removal. This was followed up with refining stages to enhance the clarity and gloss of the clear coat. Once this was achieved, the next stage was protection. Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light was the chosen coating. CSL adds a greater level of scratch and chemical resistance than manufacturer clear coat whilst adding a lovely glossy appearance. All while given great durability and leaving the owner with extremely easy wash maintenance. The engine bay was tidied up and the plastics and the scuttle panel were treated with Gtechniq C4 Permanent Trim Restorer.
Looking at the finished article, it’s hard to believe this is a 2008 model. Remember, this isn’t a case of cleaning a car up and putting a coat of wax on…….this is a labour extensive treatment that removes defects, vastly enhancing a cars appearance, and value.